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Q: The snow is falling, you're building a masterpiece of a snowman. Now the final touch, the face. Hmm... but what kind of face to use... someone or something suddenly comes to mind and the 'face' question is answered. What kind of face or face feature(s) did you decide on and why?

Remember the object of your answer is to bring us a smile, chuckle or laugh so give it some thought, read the Contest Guide below and email your answer(s) to Marty Mab who will be picking the prize winner. You are allowed up to THREE entries (3 separate emails, one answer each).

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Contest deadline extended *thru* Dec. 25, 2007

We have had at least one participant getting an error on the website, therefore although this contest officially ends midnight Dec. 25th, we will allow a 24hr grace period to clear out any problems with the website or 'lost' emails. The Winner will be posted the evening of December 31st, 2007*

(This cOntest cl0ses miDniGhtDecEmbeR 25, 2o07)*

sOmE oF oUR faVoRiTe EnTrieS...

Submitted by Jeff Hawley :

“I was about to give my snowman the face of Alberto Gonzalez, but "I Don't Recall" what he looks like.”

Submitted by Richard Krauss :

"An early Spring would be a welcome change for Dorothy, but she was still haunted about that whole Oz thing. She decided to put the face of the Wicked Witch of the West on the snowman so she could watch her melt all over again."

Submitted by Bob Buethe :

"I decided to give my snowman the face of Bob Hope. On Christmas morning, I was shocked to find a bunch of elves on skis schussing down his nose."

Submitted by Josephine (owner website not submitted):

"I could put the face of my mother in law on it and when it rained and the face is all falling apart I would roll on the ground laughing."

Contest Guide


Current contest closes December 25th, 2007. Answer as judged by Marty Mab for the Fall "Snowman" Go-Round IQ Contest question will receive a prize by mail (a valid US street address must be provided by winner for mailing.). Also, Marty Mab's current feature cartoon personally signed... AND the the winner's name in lights... well actually backlit by the millions of visitors that may visit the site using LCD or CRT monitors. IS THIS A GREAT CONTEST OR WHAT!

Other non-winning entries may also be published here. You do not have to be a cartoonist to enter however the main prize may be more advantageous to artists using paper or digital graphics as a medium.



Keep in mind that we have young onlookers so keep it clean. Please Include "FALL07 IQGR" in your email's subject blank. Don't forget to include your nom de plume or first and/or last given name, your answer to the IQ Question and if you want it published along with your answer, you can also include the URL to your own website (no links with 'adult only' material will be used.) What constitutes Adult material will be judged solely at the discretion of the webmaster...


Other Disclaimers

Marty Mab will be the judge of the current 'Go-Round IQ Question' winner. By entering your answer you agree to allow your answer, name and website link to be published on the website. We do not use your information for any other purpose than this contest, however, we are not responsible for misuse by other parties viewing our website...


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