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OK, now that you entered the Fall "Snowman" Go-Round IQ Contest, here's your question this "Input" Go-Round (Pro or amateur cartoonists and artists only for this GR Input)

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Cartoonist and Artist 'Go-Round' Input Question/Answers

What to date has influenced you the most to be an artist ('cartoonist' if appropriate)

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"I've experienced so many influences, it's hard to pin it down to one, so I'll talk about the earliest ones I can remember. It was the encouragement I got from friends and adults when, as a child, I drew funny pictures, along with the discovery that I had a facility for drawing. All this happened around the same time I was viewing a lot of cartoons from the '30s - 50s on TV, plus reading comic books (the work of Carl Barks predominantly), and being introduced to MAD magazine at age 7. Taken together, I think these things reached a critical mass for me, and started a cartooning chain reaction whose heat has lasted for many years." Submitted by Jeff Hawley -

"I've been influenced during different times in my life by: Walt Disney studio's cartoons and comics Marvel Comics silver age Newspaper comics like Popeye, Peanuts, Dick Tracy, etc. Underground and newave comix movement." Submitted by Richard Krauss -

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